IDmap Institute of Identity was established in 2008, incorporated in Israel and located in Israel's scientific center of Rehovot. IDmap was established in 2008 by group of dedicated educational scientists to advance new online education learning methodologies and bring research into routine teaching. Our projects are especially interested in how the ideas of multilevel identities and their structural manifestations impact and shape people’s daily lives. Central to the projects is the acknowledgement that ethnicity intersect with other primary identities such as economics, business, gender, class, sexuality and nationality, necessitates the exploration of social and identity cleavages within ethnically defined communities. Once launched on-line these identities change their nature becoming inclusive, transparent, amorphous and fluid. There are no more national borders of the modernity, old tribes and connections replace them instead. There are no communists, capitalists, socialists but old religious believes take their place. Computer software and ideas build and demolish human-built new associations as in Facebook or Twitter. The power and freedom granted by the Internet are so overwhelming, that the governors and politicians strive to restrict these freedoms by the rules, censorship and laws for browsing the Internet.

To implement that vision our online educational institution, established special online degree programs to increase awareness and help people understand the origins of economic and political trends and tendencies in the different countries. We facilitate learning program, distance education, youth training programs which offer exploration of history, public policy, religious culture, banking systems, conflicts both local and global, and economic structures. Through our courses, our goal is provide students with an in-depth understanding of the online learning.

The IDmap online education program is versatile, and worthwhile to a wide variety of students. IDmap offers Distance Learning, online college courses information, description of online college and an outstanding program for the general public, college students, and professionals. It can be particularly informative for students in Education and Social Sciences. It is beneficial to professionals in the fields of management, investments, journalists and diplomatic studies.