The National Bowling Association, Inc. (TNBA), founded in 1939, promotes sportsmanship, fellowship, and friendship among its diverse members. The Inland Empire Senate was organized in 1939. All persons (bowlers as well as non-bowlers), ages 4-20, are invited to join. TNBA membership is open to any youth bowler who has not reached his or her 20th birthday as of August 1st of the current season.

Over 2,500 youth (nationally), participate in fun and competitive activities of TNBA. Our bowlers compete in both TNBA and USBC youth programs.

TNBA offers all junior bowlers the opportunity to participate in handicap and scratch tournaments, at the senate, regional and national levels.

The Inland Empire Senate’s Junior Council schedules USBC SMART (Scholarship) Tournaments throughout the season.

We offer a wealth of benefits and opportunities, to support our junior members. We focus on:

[1] Scholarships and Sponsorship
[2] Bowling Skills
[3] Friendly Competition
[4] Training and Development
[5] Leadership
[6] Community Service
[7] Academic Achievement