Our Story: After volunteering as assistant softball coaches in Recreational programs and starting fall ball tournament teams; we both decided it was time to take our daughters on tryouts to play travel softball.  Ok – so both of our daughters made their travel teams; however, we were expecting something more; something that included rigorous training, focus on fundamentals, and conditioning.  

So here is what we started: on January 2nd, 2013, we founded Illinois Fastpitch Academy Inc. IFA is a competitive softball club that incorporates the elements we felt were missing from other programs. We're a couple of hard working, and passionate guys working side-by-side who aspire to create competitive softball teams at every level.  We view IFA as a platform where young women use the game of softball to build character, achieve academic excellence, resilience, responsibility, a strong work ethic, and have balance on and off the field, and provide community service.  To that end we emphasize sportsmanship and inspiration for excellence in all our student athletes. We develop our student athletes with the belief that the process for achieving excellence should be as exciting and fun as the end result.

Our job is to provide softball players with the opportunity to become better athletes, and create a program that assist athletes achieve the dream of some day playing collegiate ball.