"Specializing in business coaching, career coaching, International Affairs, Higher Education Technical Assistance, STEM/STEAM program implementation and coaching assistance, and Global Youth Education Technical Needs - The mission of IHGS, The People's Education Movement for the United Nations - is to; Support the UN's year 2030 Sustainable Development Goals to 2030 and Beyond, by way of educating the masses, offering affordable technical solutions, website design, marketing, and education and training - while fostering messages of peace, and by building mass awareness of grassroots movements in addition.

To also mirror the positive global humanitarian efforts of the UN, in support of all vetted world education movements that support the UN's strong global sustainability values toward peace, sport relevancy and sport sustainability, and unity through non-violent sportsmanship as well as access to great education - for everyone around the world.

IHGS exercises as a catalyst to spreading massive awareness of the UN initiatives with a goal of critical mass, it's routine access to, and involvement thereof - works and support of those with global potential to reach and to saturate the world with education and awareness by way of -
yet never limited to: Film and movie directors, producers, actors, other celebrities, NFL Pro Football and NBA Pro Basketball Players and Alumni as well as NGO's, Knights, Lords, Dames, Duchesses, Princesses, Princes, Kings, Queens, and other royals by way of technical and social skill offerings, as well as guest celebrity appearances and their events participation (as well as some scientific and engineering products).

Our Primary SDG's are #5 Gender Equality as well as several others including #4 - Quality Education