IHT’s mission is to provide innovative wound management solutions that are both clinically effective (improves patient outcomes) and financially efficient (reduces healthcare costs) across the wound care continuum.

Consistent with its mission to provide innovative wound management solutions across the continuum of wound care, IHT aggregates products into systems and delivers them to caregivers in all wound healing environments.  This approach – innovation, integration and collaboration – is, in itself, innovative and is in response to industry demand for products and systems that are founded in evidence-based medicine (EBM) and that demonstrate both clinical effectiveness and cost efficiency.

Mission Background

Health care providers & GPOs need improved patient outcomes, lower costs & products based upon EBM.  Clinicians need products that are easier & faster to use, heal better, lower cost and based upon EBM.  Patients and families need easy to use products, better healing, less pain, and rapid elimination of wound odor.  The wound care industry needs to shorten the typical 5-7 year product adoption period to 1-2 years.

IHT is establishing its position in the wound management market via:
-     Building intrinsic and intangible value by securing and developing patents, trademarks and copyrights
-     Combining wound care products into aggregated and integrated  innovative treatment systems that are effective across the wound care continuum and based upon EBM
- Proving product efficacy through clinical evaluations (EBM)
-     Developing new products and securing license, marketing and/or distribution rights and private labels to innovative wound care products
-     Securing strategic relationships with product manufacturers
-     Securing Group Purchasing Organization (GPO), Integrated Delivery Network (IDN) and Accountable Care Organization (ACO) contracts necessary to access healthcare Providers – shortening the product adoption period to 1-2 years via GPO channels (Premier’s Innovation Program)


IHT’s wound care systems must demonstrate, through EBM, that they are both clinically effective (improve patient outcomes) and financially efficient (reduce costs).

IHT’s wound care products (except its pumps, which are under development)  are 510(k) approved, environmentally friendly and benefit wound healing in three basic ways:

-     By disrupting and eradicating biofilm: NeutroPhase® is a stabilized topical solution containing hypochlorous acid, the active component which is found in our own immune system’s natural defense against infection and kills bacteria, fungi and viruses without creating mechanisms for drug resistance or cytotoxicity.  NeutroPhase has no side effects.

-     By binding, inactivating and removing pathogenic bacteria, fungi, viruses and harmful toxins: Sorbact®’s mechanism of action is based upon the physical effect of hydrophobic interaction whereby water repellant substances bind together in an aqueous environment.  Since most pathogenic microorganisms (including MRSA, VRE, E Coli) are hydrophobic, they bind to and are inactivated by Sorbact and then are removed from the wound upon dressing change.  Sorbact’s physical action avoids contributing to pathogenic resistance by controlling infections via mechanical binding without the use of antimicrobial agents (chemicals).  Sorbact enables painless dressing changes, reducing the need for painkillers and resulting in protection for veterinarians against kicks, bites and scratches.  Sorbact heals faster and is less expensive than competing silver dressings.  Sorbact is proven effective in Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT).  Sorbact is not cytotoxic and causes no side effects typically associated with chemical based products, particularly important in pediatric care.  Sorbact does little to disturb indigenous microbiota (beneficial, non-pathogenic microorganisms that are normally present in wounds and in healthy tissue).  Sorbact is “green”; that is, it does not contain antiseptics, silver or other toxic agents that harm the environment.

-     By promoting tissue regeneration: Catrix® is a collagen-based powder made from processed bovine tracheal cartilage that accelerates the formation of cell types that are required for the formation of granulation tissue.