IHADLA selects an entire class of third graders at an underperforming, underserved school in a low-income neighborhood, regardless of each student’s academic level or disability.

We make a long-term commitment to provide free year-round programs, services, and individualized case management for 10 consecutive years through high school graduation and into college.

The Foundation provides a comprehensive program that prepares students for higher education through academic support, social-emotional development, college and career prep, campus visits, tutoring, cultural enrichment, drug, crime, and pregnancy prevention programs, and one-on-one mentoring.

We guarantee every Dreamer a scholarship to help them attend college or an accredited vocational school.


A Ripple Effect

We believe in the impact one Dreamer can make on those around them. So, although we directly support hundreds of Dreamers, we indirectly support hundreds more who benefit from the effects of our program. Parents are able to attend workshops on financial planning and on how to support their children academically. Siblings and other students are always invited to join events and programs as space becomes available. Future plans are also altered for others when Dreamers’ siblings and cousins begin to see college as a real and viable option after looking to our Dreamers as examples.