The International Laser Display Association (ILDA), founded in August 1986, is the world's leading organization dedicated to advancing the use of laser displays in the fields of art, entertainment and education.

ILDA promotes the use of laser displays in the international marketplace through awards programs, publications, technology standards and a code of ethics.

ILDA also represents the industry on safety issues and provides forums for members to exchange ideas, forge partnerships and explore new technologies.

ILDA members can use the association's name and logo in approved ways to advertise their membership as an ethical, professional company helping to improve the laser display industry.

ILDA helps members relate to each other not as competitors but as colleagues who share common goals and problems.

Working together, members have the ability to solve problems faster and more productively than working alone.

There are many other benefits to membership. We invite you to join the other professionals of ILDA. Please see our membership benefits page for more details (http://www.laserist.org/benefits.htm)