ILID is the only Australian owned company leading the forefront in Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) and pricing technology.

The brain child of Trevor Gray, ILID sought to develop a ‘real-time’, cost effective and value adding solution to pricing for retailers.

From humble beginnings ILID technology development was given credence through a Federal government funding grant on the key basis being that it ‘...delivered a unique product offering to the marketplace that had the potential to shift the dynamics in retailing.’

With further investment from likeminded investors ILID continued to develop its technology and product offering.

In 2002 UXC, an ASX 300 listed company, acquired ILID to drive value in their retail services division.
UXC is Australia’s market-leading solutions and services organisation catering to medium and large organisations and Governments across Australia and New Zealand. UXC believed in the vision and value of ILID and in 2002 bought the company outright.  

UXC has annual revenues of approximately $715 million with 4,200 employees nationally.  In a recent Gartner Report UXC was rated only behind IBM and Accenture in Australia as largest and most successful technology Services Company in Australia with national coverage.

The first generation of ESL technology was launched in 2000. It utilised light technology modulation. Continuous changes in manufacturing standards and lighting specifications made it challenging and costly to keep interfacing hardware consistent.

Over the past number of years ILID have spent considerable time and resources in development with UK based partner company ZBD in launching the next generation of labels and communication technology utilising a two-way Radio Frequency (RF) device called the ‘Bounce Communicator’.  

With the introduction of ‘ILID Bounce’ the installation costs have been reduced considerably eliminating the need to install costly hardware.  This has also increased the accuracy and speed of price changes.

ILID Electronic Shelf Label technology allows retailers to automatically update prices, product information and promotions via their store Point of Sale (POS) system, controlled at a store level and /or from Head Office.  

ILID’s dynamic, flexible and accurate real-time pricing system shifts the pricing paradigm!

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