Through collaborative and cooperative partnering with public
and private organizations, agencies and businesses, ILP programs
and services help people lead more satisfying and rewarding lives,
often in spite of significant health and mobility challenges. The
life enriching programs of ILP help to strengthen and rebuild
social networks, assist individuals to access needed human and
social services, and maintain a more healthy and independent life

Providing the means to keep people engaged and living successfully
in our communities benefits us all. Individuals and families
are enabled to have better lives. The efforts of health and human
services providers are supported and strengthened. The
business community has a larger consumer base for the sale of
products and services. When a population is more healthy and
self-sufficient, municipal, county and state governments incur less
supportive and institutionalization expenses.

Founded in 1991, as an outgrowth of older adult services in
Riverside County California, ILP has now diversified its programs,
expanded its geographical influence, and enlarged its
commitment to the achievement of increased mission impact.
ILP's programs and activities benefit the entire community. They
help us care for ourselves, our parents and grandparents. As
people in our communities continue to age, the need for the
work of ILP will only be greater. The good news is that
Americans are taking better care of themselves and living
healthier, longer. Still, as the age shift advances, more of the
oldest old (85 plus years) people find themselves outliving their
family and friends, without the social network on which they
have relied. ILP plans to be there, in many ways, working for
the right and capability of everyone to live independently in
their own home, and providing the tools to help.

The Independent Living Partnership is a 501(c)(3) non-profit
organization. Donations to ILP are fully tax deductible and can
be made in many forms. Tax deductible donations to help
support the programs and services of ILP can be made online at
www.LivingPartnership.org. Donations by check should be
made payable to the Independent Living Partnership, and mailed
to 6235 River Crest Drive, Suite C, Riverside CA 92507-0758.
To discuss supporting ILP by trust, endowment, or in other ways
please email ExecutiveDirector@livingpartnership.org.