Who we are

Innovation cannot spur change without the appropriate venues for collaboration and discussion — this space is where 20/20 Pharma resides.
With an array of new techniques surfacing in R&D, and as companies work to overcome the challenges of efficient drug development in a highly regulatory environment, the U.S. pharma industry is moving forward with the aid of top vendors and open lines of communication.
20/20 Pharma facilitates those conversations, by providing a platform of communication where industry leaders can exchange opinions, ideas, insights and experi ences – from savvy business and marketing strategies to tactics for better clinical trials and more efficient drug discovery.
The publication has forged powerful relationships with key industry leaders to provide a platform for successful brand recognition, and for senior decision makers to have the means to procure and plan implementation strategies based on the topics covered.
Positioned to be an authoritative resource within top pharma companies as well as small, specialty and biotech businesses, 20/20 Pharma is geared to a highly targeted and responsive audience, bridging the gap between the industries top issues and the solutions top-tier vendors can provide.

What we can do for you

IMI and 20/20 Pharma work diligently to create thought leadership and visionary pieces that are promoted within our hardcopy and on our website:  www.2020pharma.com
We have found that in the pharmaceutical industry many executives enjoy receiving hardcopy publications and also like referencing informative websites to become aware of leading services and technologies that are on the horizon.
20/20 Pharma’s team works with each vendor sponsor to create a well suited marketing platform that is customized for each vendor that is involved.
We incorporate modern and traditional media technologies to blend and meet the request of the executives that are part of our circulation.
We specialize in video presentations, roundtable discussions and executive podcasts, as well as individual by-lined articles to create a publication that suits the needs of high-level Pharma and biotech executives as well as covering the full-drug life cycle.
Our platform includes e-newsletters, lead generation, online promotion, banner advertisements as well as print features and advertisements.
Our team will work with you throughout the campaign to ensure that we have created the platform that will create energy and enthusiasm on the endeavors of the industry.