About IMI Systems Ltd.

Established in 1933 as Israel Military Industries, IMI Systems Ltd. is a globally recognized defense systems house specializing in the development and manufacturing of end-to-end combat-proven solutions and technologies for the land, air, naval and homeland security (HLS) requirements of the modern battlefield.
Positioned among the world's leading defense solution providers, IMI Systems supplies its wide variety of systems and products to its customers in over 70 countries around the world.
The advanced reputable defense systems offered by IMI Systems were developed based on extensive operational experience, advanced technology and exclusive methodologies, and are used by the IDF, US Military (Air Force, Army and Navy), NATO nations and military and government agencies.
The nationwide company is wholly owned by the Government of Israel, employs 3200 employees in its various business areas, which include Armor, Infantry, Artillery, Air, Naval, HLS and Small Caliber Ammunition, as well as in its variety of manufacturing, test and laboratory facilities. IMI Systems has four subsidiaries: IMI Academy for Advanced HLS Training and Ashot Ashkelon Industries Ltd, located in Israel and IMI Services U.S.A Inc. and IMI Trading U.S.A Inc., located in the USA. For more information, please visit www.imisystems.com