Will the music industry ever be profitable again in today’s digital age? Major labels claim they've lost billions of dollars since the Internet appeared; plus successful Internet stations like Pandora Radio still have not made annual profits for their company. Can a revenue-share model for artists resolve this major music industry issue?

Currently poised to begin a new era of revenue and profit generation, IMRadio.com already has 85,000 independent musicians' original "royalty-free" songs in its internet radio rotation. The company will continue to attract independent musicians because of its planned revenue-share model. The revenue-share model is designed to provide a larger percentage of the revenue stream to its independent musicians, IMRadio, and partners.

IMRadio never pays royalties on the music it broadcasts, enabling the company to offer a balanced revenue-share model for artist compensation. Clear Channel Communications, the nation’s largest radio broadcaster, recently bucked traditional royalty based compensation by instituting an ad revenue-sharing package for the label Big Machine Records. IMRadio had the foresight four years ago, when it went live on the Internet, to realize that the royalty model for artist compensation was going to be short-lived in this new digital age.

IMRadio is re-creating a new Music Culture, focused on a profitable business model for both the new Music Industry AND Independent Musicians/Labels. Major brands like Verizon, Coke, Ford, etc, can also benefit from a royalty-free song catalog by providing its customers with all new original music from around the world, without paying heavy royalties.

IMRadio (Independent Musician Radio) is an innovative international entertainment company that has a passion for revolutionizing the music industry. IMRadio plans to empower the massive market of today’s independent musicians to actually make money with their music…and when artists make money, so does IMRadio.