With a sincere disdain for monotony and the cookie-cutter images that plague millennial media, IMURJ public relations implements a specialized branding process to inspire the originality that generates organic fans, clients and publicity for individuals in business, books, food, fashion, music (especially underground hip hop) and reality TV.

Humans are conditioned to believe that publicity belongs exclusively to the rich and famous or the bold and brave. The truth is that it belongs to the public, who is truly in control of who stands in the spotlight, gets the attention and determines if they are worthy. Quite often that power is removed or given away for dollars and nonsense.

It is our mission to reclaim the power of media and journalism and return the spotlight to pure, original talent, personality and musicianship. We create symmetry between who you are/what's in your head, what you have to offer, and what people around you actually experience.