The Public Private Partnership  - INDIA TRADE CENTRE  (PPP-ITC) is setup by Federation of Indian Export Organisations (FIEO) with the support of Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Ministry of External Affairs, Govt of India to promote International Trade by establishing  platform  for Import  and Export across the Globe by setting "TRADE"CENTRE's". The "Objective" is to allow Members Direct Market Access  to get better per Unit  Price while allowing overseas buyers to get Indian Goods and Services at competitive Price and ensure opportunities to Young and Unemployed  while generating  Income to investors and workers and,  revenue  to Govt for development activities.

The main Goal  is to achieve "AIM'S & OBJECT'S" of Constitution of India syncing the same with Sustainable Development Goals (SDG") of UN restoring Constitutional Fundamental Human Rights  of each and every individual - as Per Constitution and Human Rights of UN. To achieve this "Aim and Object" it is deemed Fundamental to secure Value to Work of Women, Worker along with  Price to Produce of Farmers, Goods and Services of Entrepreneurs for   restoring CONSTITUTIONAL FUNDAMENTAL  RIGHTS  of each and every Individual  implementing  Directive Principles of State Policy (DPSP)  nationally syncing with Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's)  internationally tso as to  generate revenue for supporting poor - especially  disabled, children and aged while securing Air, Water Food  supporting traditional, organic natural inclusive  Agriculture Reforestation, strengthening Social Fabric promoting   Peace, while containing Climate Change and arresting Global Warming to protect Livelihoods and Life of all and for preserving Life on the Planet