INL is an emerging trading company with its strategic business range in oil & gas, building and marine industry. The firm is established, supported and partnered by professionals with in-depth knowledge and expertise The various range of products / services sourced and supplied by INL has made an impressive network in the industry thus allowing customers a single window for procuring products related with our business sectors. INL is operated from Sharjah UAE and has its associated offices and warehouses in Dubai, Oman, KSA and India.
INL is dedicated to offer most convenient and hassle free procurement services in understanding variant requirement of customers of diverse industries. Intensive focus of our team for each customer yields impressive resolutions.
The highlight of our business is to offer procurement management and Techno commercial evaluation of products, as an added advantage to the wide domain of products which we supply.
INL source and distribute:
1-     Gangway towers
2-     Marin cranes
1-     hydrocarbon , petrochemical , water  transfer pumps
2-     pipes & fittings ( CS , SS and non-metal pipes and fittings )
3-     Valves ( gate, plug, globe, butterfly, ball, Double block and bleed, check, temperature and pressure relief valves )
4-     Strainers , pigs
5-     Steel plates , columns and beams
6-     Packages : nitrogen generation system , oily water separation system, Air compressor system
7-     Plant consumables
1-     LV & MV Switch gear and distribution board
2-     Diesel generator
3-     Electrical Cables, cable bus duct / bus raiser
4-     Explosion proof and normal light fixture
5-     Light poles
6-     Explosion proof and normal junction box
7-     Earthing & lightning materials
8-     Explosion proof and normal local control station
9-     Distribution sockets
10-     Explosion proof and normal field sockets
11-     Cable termination kit , cable marker, tags and ferrules
12-     Heat shrinkable tubes
13-     PVC cable and concrete cable tiles
14-     Foam and fire rated sealant
15-     Cable tray , ladder and other accessories
Instrumentation and security system:
1-     Pressure & pressure differential, temperature gauges
2-     Levels indicators
3-     Instruments cables
4-     Local control stations
5-     CCTV
1-     HDPE Membrane
2-     Bentonites
3-     Concrete admixtures
4-     Joints sealants
5-     Geotextile & polythen sheeting