Physicists, engineers and technologists play vital roles in delivering our healthcare. IPEM is the professional organisation that represents this workforce. We are a charity with around 4,000 members from healthcare, academia and industry.

Our members help to ensure that patients are correctly diagnosed and safely treated for illnesses such as cancer and stroke.  They also maintain and manage medical equipment such as MRI and ultrasound scanners, X-ray machines, drug delivery systems and patient monitors.

Their research and innovation leads to new technologies and methods that improve on existing medical treatments. They provide new solutions that enable older people and patients with injuries or long-term conditions to complete everyday tasks.

IPEM’s Objectives are to:

- Ensure and improve the quality, safety and effectiveness of science and technology in healthcare.
- Maintain high standards of professional development for healthcare scientists, engineers and technicians.
- Ensure that the right medical physics and biomedical engineering workforce is in place and provide our members with the support that they need.
- Encourage research and development and increase the uptake of new knowledge and innovations by the medical physics and biomedical engineering sectors.
- Raise the profile of medical physics and biomedical engineering. Build two-way engagement with patients and public.