IP Systems was founded in 1992 as Impell Purification.  Today they manufacture their, American made German engineered fume extraction products in their 20,000 square foot facility located in Suwanee Georgia.

Their systems are designed to capture large volumes of fumes, dust and particulates.  The filter configurations are extremely versatile and can be configured for optimum performance for the specific applications.  Most of the units are also capable of providing very large volumes of activated carbon for the adsorption odors, gases and VOC's and they are one of the few companies that can offer explosion rated motors when requested.

They have smaller units designed for hand soldering as well as larger units that can extract fumes from large lasers, reflow ovens or even for demanding welding applications that can require airflow of 2000+CFM.

IP Systems is a customer focused business who's mission statement is to provide an unmatched customer experience and to leverage their 25+ years of knowledge to offer the best technical support  and most robust systems on the market.