International Sight Restoration, Inc. (ISR) was established in 2001 to promote donation in developing countries and to provide ocular tissue to international patients. ISR is now the largest eye bank for international ocular distribution. ISR provides over 4000 corneas per year to domestic and international surgeons. The surgeons and hospitals we help are located in the United States and over 50 countries such as Mexico, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Venezuela, Argentina, Croatia, Guatemala, El Salvador, Bahrain and Lebanon. In 2010, we built a state-of-the-art eye bank which includes a certified ISO Class 5, two ISO Class 7, and one ISO Class 8 Clean Rooms. We are one of few eye banks in the United States with this level of air purification system. ISR only offers the highest standard in tissue processing. ISR Eye Bank is unique in that it has partnered with many U.S. Eye Banks to distribute ocular tissue in an equitable manner to help fulfill our mission Helping The World SeeĀ®. ISR has developed many firsts in the Eye Banking industry and will continue to push the bar for higher standards.