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ISelfPub.com's new promotional and advertising services are dedicated to presenting eBooks published by independent authors to readers. We let their work speak for itself by offering a plethora of information to you so the reader can decide if the quality of the eBook is up to their personal standards before they make a purchase.

We work with authors who have chosen to take the financial responsibility to professionally publish their own work, whether it’s available only as an eBook or as an eBook and in print. By promoting self-published independent titles and authors without judgment, it is our goal to help readers find new authors and help authors get the word out about their eBooks by offering links to where these eBooks can be purchased.

We’ve all heard readers say how difficult it is to choose books by self-published independent authors because they can’t tell the quality of the eBook before they buy it. Readers want to know what they’re getting before spending their hard earned money. They want an enjoyable read that can take them away from the stresses of their day.
Online reviews at retailer’s websites help readers make decisions about the book before they buy. We also realize that it is sometimes difficult for authors to obtain reviews when they’re starting out.

In light of both of these factors, we’re letting the author’s work speak for itself by including either a long excerpt or the first chapter of the book, exactly as it appears in the published version. If authors have an average review rating on the major retailer or review sites, we’ll gladly include it in the sponsorship page, but if they don’t have it yet, we’re not going to exclude them. That way, the reader can get a feel for the author’s voice and style of writing and decide if the book is one they’ll enjoy.

The sample chapters and author interviews will be posted as submitted by the author and without any editing on our part. This way the reader knows exactly what they’re getting when they buy a book from the author.

It is our hope that readers will find a new favorite author through our website and that authors will connect to new readers. Have fun as you browse our pages and make sure you sign up for our mailing list to get the latest additions to our site, great deals and free ebooks too!