HPT provides IT Services Sydney and Australia wide. Our offering embraces a vast array of IT Services to match the needs of our clients. Our   typical client comes to us with a  challenge or concern he is facing with his current IT system whereas other times the IT problem is not crystal clear. This second instance is the most painful for businesses because it can lead to long period of time where the amount and quality of work doesn’t match the business outcomes.  In both cases Hi-Performance Technologies is pleased to embrace the challenge as a way to help Australian businesses of all sizes eliminating the mismatch and getting the reward they deserve for their business.

As an IT Services company, Hi-Performance Technologies has the expertise and technical knowledge to help your organization setting up the right IT strategy for your business. Whether you need more security for your data, Back-Up strategy, Cloud Storage and Disaster Recovery, IT environment set up and maintenance and more. Our IT Services are tailored on our clients’ needs whether they are after Cloud services, Managed IT or Procurement.

Over the years we have successfully served a number of different industries and vertical markets in B2B with a wide range of IT Services. Our technicians are constantly updated through monthly and weekly training sessions and we make sure our internal knowledge of best practises and industry standards is constantly evolving as a source competitive advantage.

Our team has been delivering IT Services Sydney and Australia wide since 2003. Through understanding our clients’ business and applying agile processes during project development phases we ensure the best IT outcomes are achieved and the organization can rely on the best possible IT environment at all times.
Hi-Performance Technologies provides full IT Consulting services for Private Businesses, Non for Profit, Corporate and Government Enterprises through combining analytical approach, technical expertise and simplified client interaction.

Part of our philosophy, here at Hi-Performance Technologies is to adopt a customer centric approach. – Our clients’ success is our success – this is why we never recommend a solution if we are not sure it is the best one to support our clients’ future business objectives. Our approach to IT Consulting is to understand our client’ business processes, internal technical capabilities and future business objectives to present the best possible recommendations. We are meticulous in understanding our clients’ business, aligning their workflow and IT strategy, and implement compatible solutions on time and within budget.

In an always changing and more competitive market environment, being a successful organization means you need to have the right mix of skills and resources to achieve your goals. Hi-Performance Technologies’ internal capabilities and resources integrate our clients’ ones and work seamlessly toward the achievement of the desired business outcomes. Whether your goal is to consolidate your IT network and make it more responsive, eliminating unnecessary IT expanses, planning the optimal IT environment to support your expansion projects or a combination of these, our experts will integrate your team with top IT know-how, superior communication capabilities and result oriented approach.

Our IT Consulting approach is what really differentiate us in an ever more competitive market. We are tech leaders, result oriented and great communicators.  Our clients are our top business partners, our benefits are mutual, and their success is our success!

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HPT offers Cloud solutions, Cloud Consulting and Cloud migration services for companies across Australia. Over the years we have undertaken a high number of Cloud migrations and we have delivered many Cloud Solutions to our Sydney and Australian based clients. Moving to the Cloud offers incredible advantages for business of all sizes. Believe it or not, if you are on a Social Network or if you have an Online Banking account ”you are already in the Cloud”! Moving your business’s IT to the cloud means utilizing a service that is delivered over the Internet and not having to take care of server maintenance and overhead expanses. HPT offers cloud solutions around the three main service areas of Cloud computing: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS). Because of the unbelievable series of benefits they provide, Cloud solutions are widely accepted by the vast majority of Australian small, medium and large organizations and continue to get acceptance by the public due to irresistible advantages for professional users.