Having grown up in a small town that was named after one mass murderer and having attended high school that was named after another, it’s sheer mystery that our hero, Tom “Bald Dog” Varjan didn’t become a mass murderer himself. Some even call it the eighth wonder of the world.  

No doubt. The sweet temptation was there. And the tumultuous aftermath of World War 2 and the revolution only added oil to the fire.

Yet, for some mind-menglingly stupefying reasons, our hero didn’t become a mass murderer, even knowing that some day after he has kicked the bucket and rested 6 feet under, some town or school could bear his name.

Instead, since 1998, Tom has worked with privately held information technology companies with complex, high-ticket, hard-to-explain solutions, helping them to conquer their markets using craft and cunning, as opposed to ugly, filthy, bone-jarring, mind-numbing cold prospecting drudgery and used car type hucksterism.

As a result, Tom’s clients can acquire their clients from the cream of the crop (You know, the top 2-4% of every market) of their target markets, and do so with more ease, grace and higher margins.

Tom helps them by developing powerful strategies, designing effective processes and systems, crafting attractive sales and marketing copy and building low-headcount high-impact cohesive client acquisition teams.

Using the combination of those four ingredients, Tom helps his clients to transform their companies from replaceable vendors to respected, recognised and sought-after industrial authorities. In turn, they generate more sales leads, feed their sales pipelines and drive higher revenues.

Unlike most B2B marketers for the IT industry who come from sales, Tom is a former 14-year computer engineer and technology buyer veteran.

He combines his real-world technical and purchasing experience with sound marketing strategy and clear, crisp, hype-and bullshit-free high impact writing to get more of his clients’ perfect prospects to engage with them, give them their sexiest projects and pay them premium fees and prices.

Being a former engineer and buyer means that Tom complements his clients’ salespeople’s expertise and experience, and together they craft such client acquisition strategies that perfectly align with their markets’ buying strategies.

Having spent maybe a tad too long working with and around dead people as an embalmer, gravedigger, hearse driver, coffin maker and crematorium attendant, Tom's developed an oddball sense of humour, which uptight people find irritating and others find enlightening.  

However, Tom had completely given up performing any corpse-related services several years ago. So, if you need a sexy coffin, a nice grave or grandma in a decorative urn that matches your furniture and the colours of your walls, Tom can no longer help. Sorry.

In the 1990s, with an amateur punk rock group in London, UK, he recorded a cover version of the Sex Pistols' Anarchy in the UK. Nevertheless, so far he hasn’t been discovered as a rock star, and his singing career hasn't taken off beyond the confines of the shower... yet. But watch out. There is a first time for everything, no matter how painful it can be.

For more information on Tom’s copywriting services, you can visit http://www.ITBusinessWriter.com. For information on his client acquisition services, podcasts, articles, and white papers, you can visit http://www.varjan.com.

If you're so brave, well, at least as brave or braver than Sir Robin in Monty Python's Holy Grail, you may even decide to exhibit exceptional bravery by downloading Tom's white paper, fiendishly entitled, "More Brain And Less Brawn: 7 Strategies To Eliminating Cold-Prospecting Grunt Work -- And Have Top-Notch Prospects Come To You Ready For Business, and even more fiendishly located at http://www.varjan.com/resources.shtml#whitepapers."