ITCN has been providing embedded system test equipment and engineering services to commercial and military customers since 1991.

Our ISO 9001:2000 registration ensures that we will consistently deliver high quality test equipment and engineering services to meet our customers' quality and regulatory requirements, while enhancing customer satisfaction and sustaining continued performance improvements in pursuit of operational excellence.

ITCN assists customers with complete product support. The result is both time and money saved at every stage of the product life cycle.  All of ITCN’s engineering protocols are documented to adhere to ISO 9001:2000 standards.

Our services include assisting with design for test issues, instrumenting embedded computer systems, designing and testing embedded systems hardware & software, and supporting advanced prognostic and diagnostic tools.

Our test equipment includes Real-Time,  Non-Intrusive Analyzers and Monitors used for developing, operating and maintaining complex applications for embedded computer systems.


The New BCIT from ITCN combines two essential test functions for MIL-STD-1553 embedded systems into one easy to use tool. It is a bus health monitoring and test tool, and a Time Domain Relectometer tool, that can diagnose and locate cabling faults to within six inches.


SystemTrace is a modular, distributed instrumentation system that is used to develop, maintain and monitor embedded systems. Monitor Probes are available for MIL-STD-1553 and VME embedded systems.

*C-TAC® Plus

C-TAC® Plus (Computer-Tester-Analyzer-Controller) is the key instrumentation in many of the most advanced embedded system development labs in the world. Channels are availablefor MIL-STD-1750, AYK-14, Z8001/8002, and many legacy processor designs used in Avionics and Military/Aerospace applications.

*CMDS Tester™

The CMDS Tester™ is a Firing Pulse Interval Test Set by ITCN. It is a suite of test components designed to analyze firing pulse timing from a Countermeasures Dispensing System such as the ALE‑47.

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