ITEA Investments (Pty) Ltd is committed to growing wealth in Africa through its youth and women. 'ITEA' stands for inspiration technology enterprise alliance. ITEA focuses on media, digital media and online business models. Using the Internet to create business opportunities for millions of youth across Africa is a key objective of this business. ITEA Investments (Pty) Ltd has grown out of a consulting business, developing online learning systems, to now also include mandala publishers, mandala media and mandala communication. mandala publishers focuses on publishing knowledge generated in Africa - both traditional and modern. mandala media focuses on the production of African music and movies, while mandala communication is the US-based Internet Marketing business that promotes all mandala and ITEA products and services. ITEA further markets two financial education brands, namely 'Reine de la Rose' (Rosequeen) aimed at women and 'Break Away' aimed at people in general, but more focused on a male audience. The financial education products that ITEA markets are world-class and developed in the USA.

ITEA Investments (Pty) Ltd takes social responsibility very seriously and supports the Themba Trust, a Christian non-profit organization aimed at serving poverty-stricken rural communities in South Africa through providing education, leadership and community capacity-building services.

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