Businesses are successful because their clients are successful.


What if your system runs at peak performance from the time it's purchased to the time it's retired? What impact would that have on your business?

1. A&J Technology Services, Inc. provides Managed Outsource IT and computer services to commercial businesses. Our services enables businesses to have all the benefits of an in-house IT service while appreciating the vast cost-effectiveness, expertise and advantages of outsourcing.

Our services and packages are designed to accommodate all clients and help to minimize business interruptions.

With our business plan, clients are able to concentrate more on their business or home life, instead of watching the clock and worrying about the time and cost of service. It helps to build our relationships with our clients and provides our clients the opportunity to ask questions without the fear of higher costs. This gives our clients the benefit of education and information, and provides information to help them care for their equipment.

All of our services for businesses are at a FLAT RATE cost. We DO NOT charge hourly. There are no surprise charges in the end. As far as we're concerned,

we are not paid for our efforts, we get paid for results.

2. Our clients demand and warrant high quality services. Quality never takes second place to time, schedule and cost. We achieve this through open and clear communication and understanding the requirements of our services through education and training. We practice continual improvements to attain customer satisfaction by providing cost-effective, timely, and qualitative solutions. We help clients to "overcome limits" of production, technological complexity, time and budget constraints. All of our costs are at a flat rates, not hourly. As far as we're concerned,

we are not paid for our efforts, we get paid for results.