If you are looking for a bike shop who is looking out for you and your cycling needs, look no further than Bikeworks in Harleysville.  Whether you are just starting out or starting over as a cyclist, want to move beyond that starter bike to a more performance oriented ride, or you are a serious enthusiast, we have the bikes, parts, accessories, apparel, and services you need.

We offer Trek and Fuji bicycles as our primary lines.  Trek is the number one bike shop brand in the US today, and they produce a bicycle for virtually every aspect of cycling.  The venerable Fuji line offers alternatives in componentry, style, and color that some might prefer.  For the BMX crowd we stock Mirraco and SE, leaders in performance and durability.  

BIkeworks is noted for our service department.  You might be coming in for your regular free checkups during the entire life of a bike purchased at Bikeworks.  Maybe you want to upgrade your ride with some new component or add new features.  Our service records prove that folks are driving an hour or more to take advantage of our highly trained technician’s skills and knowledge.  

But we go even further.  Our experience has proven that cyclists will ride more, have fewer injuries, ride with more power, and be able to go further without fatigue if they are properly fit on the bicycle.  You wouldn’t buy a $100 pair of shoes or a $200 jacket without taking time to be sure the fit is right.  The same applies to a bike.  We offer a fit first approach at Bike Works.  Depending on the type of bike you are considering, we will provide you with the appropriate FREE fit analysis to ensure that the bikes we offer you are perfect for your body as well as for your planned cycling use.