Who is IXIBIT?

IXIBIT is a world leader in eMarketing solutions for Property Developers.

• We are a pioneer in the field of Architectural Virtualization (Virtual Buildings)
• We have made a world first breakthrough in Virtual Buildings Online
• We provide the most effective property marketing tool available in the world today

What are Virtual Buildings?

Virtual Buildings are exact models of real projects, built in software to create a virtual world which enables buyers to “live” in their future home before it is built.

IXIBIT Virtual Buildings are 100% accurate virtual versions of your real projects. The interiors are finely detailed with furniture and interior decorations. The exterior environments are complete with streets, gardens and landscaping.

They are the closest thing possible to the real project, until you have built the real project, allowing buyers to walk in the streets and the gardens, to open the doors and go inside, walk throughout the property and even see the view out the windows.

Virtual Buildings are the future of marketing for property developments:

• Incredibly cost effective – only hundreds of dollars per apartment/villa on average
• Enable buyers to visit and inspect offplan properties before construction even begins
• Virtual Buildings are like having a demonstration villa of every type for buyers to inspect
• They give buyers the best possible understanding of the completed project
• They can include all traditional marketing tools – floorplans, animations & rendering
• Can be used in sales centres & exhibitions on pc’s or Touchscreen displays

Virtual Buildings Online: A world first breakthrough by IXIBIT

Until now Virtual Buildings have only been possible on pc’s in sales centres. Now, with IXIBIT, you can display your project to millions via the internet and give access to every room, every view, interior and exterior, plus surrounding environment including streets, parks, lakes, schools, shops.

Turn your website into virtual 24/7 online sales centre complete with demonstration properties. By enabling buyers and investors across the state, the country or the world to live in and experience your projects via your website, property developers can gain a huge competitive advantage in marketing their projects.

IXIBIT Virtual Buildings and Virtual Buildings Online are the single most effective property marketing tool available in the world today. Soon all property projects will be marketed and sold using Virtual Buildings Online.

Contact IXIBIT today to see how we can help you gain an advantage over your competitors by creating Virtual Buildings for marketing your projects and “Bring your projects to life!” for your clients to experience like never before.


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IXIBIT is the world leader in 3D Architectural Virtualization - Bring your projects to life with IXIBIT!