Through our programs we address metabolic chronic conditions and structural pain/mobility issues.

For metabolic issues: We use a functional medicine approach to establish functional health via comprehensive lab testing and address what deficiencies and dysfunctions we find with clinical nutrition, diet, and lifestyle modifications. Symptoms we often see that signal a need for a functional work-up include, but are not limited to:
•     Chronic fatigue
•     Hormone imbalances
•     Glucose dysregulation (prediabetes/diabetes)
•     Thyroid dysfunction
•     GI/digestive disturbances
•     Brain fog
•     Anxiety &/or depression
•     Metabolic weight management

Our functional rehab program works for you on your first treatment or you don't pay. We are the only office within over 120 miles of Des Moines to offer neuromuscular reeducation therapy using the patented ATM2 device by BackProject Corporation.
•     Neck Pain
•     Headaches
•     Posture imbalances
•     Back pain
•     Shoulder pain
•     Hip pain
•     Knee pain
•     Scoliosis
•     Range of motion improvement
•     Sports performance

Iowa Functional Health also has several corporate wellness topics we can deliver to groups of all sizes.