I am Adoptable is a website and mobile app being developed by two animal lovers who both see the need for a more powerful and transparent approach to finding a new pet.  Rescues and shelters will be able to utilize latest video technology to easily upload video clips of their pets available for adoption, and potential pet owners can visit the site to watch endless numbers of adoption animal videos.  People can also create custom searches to filter videos based on their lifestyle and desires, resulting in owners and pets being matched more accurately.  

Shelters and rescues are in desperate need for a streamlined way to upload and share their animals online, and video allows a person to really see the true personality and characteristics of your new best friend.  Think of I am Adoptable as the YouTube or Match.com for animals!  The site will not only help people find the perfect pet, but it will support adoption over purchasing, and allow shelters and rescues to have a great tool to showcase their animals with high exposure.  With potential owners really being able to fall in love with an animal over video, this will reduce the amount of time animals spend in the shelter, therefore allowing rescues to do what they do best: to save, care for, and adopt out animals.  I am Adoptable will not only prevent euthanasia and slaughter from pets unable to be re-homed, but it will allow animals the love and safety they deserve.

For more information and to support I am Adoptable, visit IamAdoptable.com, or check out our crowdfunding campaign here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/i-am-adoptable-animals-are-asking-us-for-help-please-join-our-mission/x/5389323