I’mPOSSIBLE. is a social enterprise whose primary aim is to educate and empower young women of colour in Britain by celebrating, highlighting and promoting the achievements of British women from all ethnic backgrounds by showcasing the success and life stories of women of colour. The goal is to provide and highlight role-models and road maps for these young women to achieve success on their own terms.

I’mPOSSIBLE. will help provide the foundation for success by:

- creating events to celebrate the achievements of British women of colour
utilising the I’mPOSSIBLE. website to signpost and highlight organisations and information that will provide support and guidance to further the success of young women

- exploiting I’mPOSSIBLE’s media influence to highlight issues that will create conversations that encourage communities to find solutions to close the gap to success for these young women

I’mPOSSIBLE. will help to change the lives of British women of colour, by showing others like them and their routes to success.

I’mPOSSIBLE. will assist in providing solutions to various social issues by partnering with, supporting and signposting organisations and individuals that celebrate, empower, encourage and support our target group.

I’mPOSSIBLE. will act as a wise advocate and inspiring friend for British women of colour, remain impartial and objective as well as spark debate and conversations on the issues and events that affect women of colour in the UK.