In December 2013, "I am Independent Pro Wrestling" was formed by  a small group of elite wrestling professionals who found themselves dissatisfied with the "de-evolution" of the sport.  These passionate individuals, including a few  internationally-recognizable notables,  banned together to bring  fans; the best that professional wrestling has to offer.  Getting back to wrestling just as you remember it in a "family friendly" atmosphere.
   These individuals  are not just putting on a wrestling "show;" they're providing the very best professional wrestling events with some of the premier  wrestlers in the world.
   They invite you, the fans to relive quality wrestling the way you remember , and to add  unforgettable new  and refreshing experiences as you witness the very best that this sport has to offer.
   They teamed up with a group of investors to fund the first five years of this endeavor.  For security reasons the names of the individual principals; as well as the names of the major investors are and shall remain a well kept secret ................for now.  The reasons for their secrecy will become obvious as the promotion expands.
    As the  promotion progresses the shows will reveal secrets as to justify the secrecy with memorable characters and strong story lines.  Miss one show, and you will no doubt miss a lot!