The author Ian Berghofer currently works as a counselor and has a wide range of interests including building, cooking and surfing. He lives on the Gold Coast with his wife and son. He has a varied work background with one common thread. He has taught in both elementary and secondary schools teaching students from age 6 through to 18. He has also been an organic farmer and owned a gardening supplies business. Just over 15 years ago Ian completed his Masters and started work as a counselor. Over the years his common thread has been an interest in growth whether literally in the growing of plants or the education of children or the counseling of individuals. His multiple experiences from happy to challenging have cumulated in this current offering. He is a great believer in self education and thinks that if our society could learn these same lessons he would be glad to be out of a job. Ian gratefully acknowledges the inspiration of clients, friends, family and the wider therapy community in creating the program Calm Confident Me.