Handmade and baked utilizing farm-fresh and purely organic ingredients, Intoxicake NYC desserts amplify the true definition of good-eating. Intoxicake NYC boasts "in your face" measurements of rich frosting, specialty alcohols, gourmet fillings, liquor-infused fruits, and cheesecakes all fused into one decadent menu. We pride ourselves on executing great tasting cupcakes and milkshakes, consistent with the taste and texture of their parent cocktail beverages.

Offering over forty different cupcake flavors, and a seasonally rotating selection of flavors inspired by the rich cultures of New York City, Miami and Los Angeles, to Jamaica, Spain, Ireland and The Dominican Republic, Intoxicake NYC offers a wealthy variety of treats for every palate. Intoxicake NYC cupcakes, at most, retail for $46.00/dozen, but do come in different sizes and "versions" which diversify cupcake price points.

Intoxicake NYC's primary focus is to provide customers with opportunities to carve spheres of unity, within their communities utilizing liquor-infused cupcakes and liquor-infused milkshakes to spur socialization. Our desserts begin this process. Paired with consistent and unparalleled customer service and high quality, Intoxicake NYC strives to ensure a seamless "brand to customer" experience from start to finish.