Ideality Communications is a dynamic marketing and branding agency that’s compact in size but delivers BIG.
A grammar nerd and wordsmith with a dream, Susan Paff founded Ideality Communications in 2009 to help small businesses and nonprofits achieve super-sized marketing goals. Today, Ideality assists a broad range of clients in discovering and defining their brands, telling their unique stories and building impactful strategies to stretch their marketing dollars like Silly Putty.
We serve clients in our hometown, throughout Pittsburgh and beyond with a core group of creative content generators and talented designers ready to research your story, define your angle and execute the best tactics to propel your brand forward.
As the industry evolves, Susan keeps her team at the forefront of trends, but stays true to her founding belief—a strong idea conveyed through excellent writing and clear, creative imagery is the core of every marketing initiative. There is a culture and message behind every brand. Sharing yours with the world is Ideality’s mission and passion.