Since establishing in 2003 we have been helping our customers worldwide improve their marketing by using Social Network Analysis (SNA). We also have years of experience in general analytics & big data.

Headquartered in Dublin city, we focus on analysing data and are excited about the insights and business intelligence we can provide. We also have Idiro consultants in various locations throughout the world, such as the USA and South Africa.

We were first to market with our vision of what it would mean to companies if they could actually understand the social communities in their customer base.

Through our flagship product Idiro SNA Plus, our customers are capable of analysing billions of transactions and the hundreds of millions of users who generate them. We are constantly creating and improving our software solutions. We are pioneers in the SNA space and have vast knowledge & experience with regard to big data analysis. Our founders come from analytics, telecom and software fields, so we are in a unique position to fully understand the requirements of our customers.We strive for the best, by expanding and improving our software solutions in our own laboratories and in conjunction with Science Foundation Ireland.