Flare: [Re]connecting People

In an ever-evolving world of technology that continues to push the boundaries of our imagination, collaboration has been—and remains—one of humanity's most constant and vital asset. Whether it be informational or charitable, collaborating on ideas and solutions is a fundamental trait of the human experience.

One new app is working to preserve and digitize collaboration in a digital world; meet Flare, a communication platform that allows its users to find or provide help (physical & digital) in real time to their community based on their geolocation with the click of a button.

The platform empowers users to network with others nearby and crowdsource—or provide— assistance. With Flare, the solution comes to the problem. Most importantly, Flare is FREE!

How does Flare work?

There are two fundamental roles in Flare: sender and receiver. Once a flare is shot, the app assesses the sender’s location and matches to other users (receivers) who are within a specific radius—alerting users via push notification. If the receiver is in a position to help, they just click “Accept” which reciprocates a notification to the sender letting them that someone accepted their request for help. Users can then chat to provide the solution or navigate to the exact location if a physical presence is needed.

Flare makes use of technology to enable its users to form a real bond that can transcend the digital space; through widespread adoption, it has the power to one day help the world become a better place.

The [app’s] short term goal is to change the narrative and stigma about how society feels about reaching out to others for help—regardless of the situation.

Flare aims to normalize this behavior and tighten the fabric of regional communities by demonstrating that the real strength of people lies in collaboration—working together to achieve our [common and differing] goals.