Illusions - An Overview

Product Management:
Every conceived travel product can be loaded in the solution, including air fares, hotels, transfers, tours & attractions, car hire, trains, insurance, cruises, etc. Apart from storing product information, rates can also be loaded along with business rules like payment schedules, cancellation policies, supplements and discount & special offers. Freesale/Allocation information can also be stored to manage the inventory.

Markup Wizard (Pricing):
The system allows the leisure manager to markup the products by several criteria, including multiple currencies, countries, cities, hotels, room types. The system automatically creates the tariffs, which can be updated at the click of a button, if exchange rates change or special offers need to be updated. This is a very powerful function as it allows the business to respond to market changes and demands immediately.

Elements can be loaded against one or several products with the same rates or at different rates, which will allow the creation of tailor-made and personalized itineraries.  The vast flexibility of the system will allow the desired flexibility to be passed onto the client without the problems of manual input and manual pricing. Allocations can be automatically controlled and released according to contracts and bookings from the Internet can be delivered directly into the back office system.

General administration tasks such as generating itineraries, invoices and vouchers, applying cancellations and supplementary charges, sending request and confirmation mailers to buyers and vendors can be set automatically dependent upon a company‚Äôs business rules.  There are Quick reports for detailed arrival schedules, non-invoiced bookings, non-voucher bookings, non-paid bookings and ad-hoc service requirements.  Information related to specific bookings or locations can be stored in a central area and compiled automatically.

Documentation and Paper Flow:
A central document server can include scanned hard copy contracts, digital photo library, quotation documents, spreadsheets, and internal company memos.  Booking forms can be eliminated which would help to speed up the booking process and increase the efficiency.

Sales & Purchasing Invoicing, Accounts Receivables/Payables:  
The generation of sales and purchase invoices, reconciliation of payments received from customers and payments made to suppliers and all related reports, ability to process credit cards online through website or back office system. Interfaces with various accounting packages can be provided to complete transparent functions to complete all tour operating accounts.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM):
    A web based contact management system allowing tracking, prioritizing and auditing of calls, correspondence, emails, faxes etc. to customers and suppliers, includes remote access for all sales personnel and complete mail merge facilities. The CRM system can be linked with the corporate email system to control all incoming and outgoing mails within the company and create a central repository of every communication, both coming in and out of the business.

Website Development:
This will include the development of a completely dynamic website.  Access will be available for agents and direct clients for instant online searches, bookings and payment.  This will include a secure area for individual agents who will be able to make and amend bookings that are seamlessly created in the back-office, along with an interface into a secure payment processor.

Content Management:
This includes storing of descriptions, images, hotel facilities and room amenities which can be attached to products, hotels, car rentals, packages and any adhoc special offers. The website is completely controlled by the backoffice system wherein any change made in the backoffice immediately reflects on the website.