The most efficient way to describe ImaJAN Media is that of a business that creates unique and engaging social interaction websites and then monetizes them by selling ads, selling through affiliates or selling direct to the consumer. ImaJAN Media is dedicated to unique ideas and pursues them with vigor and tenacity.

FilmCrave.com started out as a movie social networking site where users could share ratings and reviews, but thanks to innovative, forward-looking features, it soon became one of the best destinations to create and share custom top movie lists, view the latest movie trailers and explore new DVD releases.

Following the continuing success of FilmCrave, ImaJAN Media took the next logical step by targeting gamers. Meltedjoystick features the same great feature but tailored to video games. Whether writing game reviews, creating unique top video game lists or watching new game trailers, it is the next great video game social networking site.