Image Work Communications
Micro Agency and Media Production Studio

“Saving the World From Creative Boredom”…We are visual storytellers and content creators.  We produce original media communications, innovative web experiences and audience response presentations for:
•     Business communications
•     Virtual environments
•     Experiential marketing
•     Live events
•     Permanente Installations & Museums
We create media experiences that Educate, Engage and Inspire, building lasting relationships with your target audience.

Whether you are selling a product or service, gathering market perceptions or educating your audience; we discover who you are what you do and how best to tell the world, it’s our passion it’s our product.

IWC Key Differentiators:

As a micro agency and media production studio we design the creative and we craft the product “in house” so we maintain production quality and creative control, delivering an exceptional production on time on budget.
•     Exceptional people
•     Diverse mindshare
•     Innovative techniques and technology integration

Our original Discovery & Design Process helps us to deliver strategic, integrated media for our clients, what doest that mean?
•     Media experiences that truly connect and resonate with the audience.
•     Media leveraged for multiple uses/deployment (web, live, interactive).
•     Media that is results driven with quantifiable metrics, providing true ROI, return on information.

Driven by experience and not ego we blend our storytelling with a clairvoyant ability to sense media, technology and market trends.

The originality and imaginative spark we infuse into every project we touch, the belief that bold new creative delivers bold creative outcomes.

Areas of Expertise:

Production with engagement:
There is no big secret, we "GET IT" and that's why Marcom Managers, Brand / Product and Communications Managers, Event and Exhibit Designers, even top-level CEO's turn to us to create successful media based experiences.

We understand that media and communication experiences are most effective and powerful when multidimensional. We know how to flawlessly craft story and messaging that will resonate with the audience through a variety of mediums from video, web, interactive to live events and experiential marketing.  Other areas of production expertise are:

•     External & Internal Communications
•     Company Overview
•     Customer Testimonial
•     Product Demonstration
•     Sales & Marketing
•     Web based microsites
•     Media for Demand Gen Initiatives
•     Promotional Videos
•     Training & Human Resources Videos
•     Video E-Blasts & Newsletters