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Specializing in etiquette guidance and formal training for children, college students, corporations, individuals and groups wanting to formalise their business and social etiquette skills. Our programs are customised for individuals and groups who recognize that the essential skills and knowledge learnt by etiquette training is invaluable for social and business success.

Our classes provide critical tools and specific nuances today’s professionals need to reinforce confidence, lead, motivate and inspire others to get the job done and advance their careers.

Success with Manners business etiquette programs equip professionals with sensible strategies to broaden global awareness, allowing the exploration of new markets, the development of new opportunities, and mastery of the techniques necessary to outclass the competition. We provide the highest quality etiquette, finishing school and lifestyle management programs to fit discerning individual desires. We provide the highest quality etiquette and lifestyle programs to fit discriminating individual preferences. Our Australian-based etiquette programs are based on a variety of premises from traditional Swiss finishing schools and the contemporary demands of modern society.

Services we provide:

International Protocol: International Business Etiquette for the Savvy Professional
Corporate Etiquette: Essential International Business Etiquette Programs for Companies in the USA, Australia, New Zealand and Around the World
Social Etiquette: International Social Etiquette, English Tea Etiquette, Deportment, Lifestyle and Art de Vivre
Youth Etiquette: Etiquette and Dining Manners Programs for Children, Teens and Young Adults
Youth Etiquette: Collegiate & Savvy Etiquette and Manners Workshops for Young Adults, ages 18 - 22

Success with Manners children's and youth etiquette programs are based on contemporary international etiquette and leadership essentials that prepare children, teens and young adults to make their best impression while feeling comfortable and self-assured in a variety of social, dining and communication arenas. Our private sessions are a must-have for students in school years 7+ and 11+ exam preparation, instilling confidence and ease.

The Finishing Touch is a revolutionary international social etiquette program that allows you the flexibility of selecting one or two modules per day, or an entire course of ten modules over one week.

It is our goal to help individuals favorably represent themselves and their corporate brand, and to demonstrate a standard of excellence and professionalism through their interpersonal business relationships.