Imagination IQ Event Promise:
You Will Experience A Fun & Easy Roadmap To Monetize Your Dreams.

Who we are attracting at Imagination IQ:
1.     Hesitant Dreamers - Their big dreams for their business were ridiculed and/or put to shame by others and as a result they have decided to "play it safe" and do "business as usual". They hide their aspirations because they fear that they will be trampled upon and that they will fail.

2.     Full-bodied Dreamers - They dream and imagine so well, that they get caught in the wake of their own soulful creations making it difficult to transform their visions into tangible, real-world business results.

The problems Imagination IQ solves:
1.     We create a safe and sacred container for the Hesitant Dreamer to shed and release the shame surrounding their dreams so they can step into the truest embodiment of themselves and what they are called to manifest into the world.
2.     We provide an easy roadmap of systems, structures, and platforms onto which the Full-bodied Dreamer can pour their heart, soul, mind and body so they can effortlessly monetize their dreams.