An Imaginesales call center dialer is a software program that automates the process of dialing phone numbers. It is often also called auto dialers. Research has proven that a call center dialer increases the productivity of the agents by 300%.
Earlier in call center , PRI lines ( landlines ) were used majorly. This was not a suitable solution for salespeople. Many potential customers don’t answer a call that is landline based. Moreover, there are some stringent regulations for DND number calling through the landline. Today GSM gateway hardware is widely used by salespeople. They can now call through a mobile sim number through a call center dialer.
Because of GSM Gateway, call center dialer started getting used by salespeople heavily. Many of these salespeople needed some other features as well. Like Emails, sms & Whats App. The salesperson also wanted to have lead management. Imaginesales  Call center dialer has all these capabilities.
Imaginesales products meet all industry standards and go beyond them to offer you the latest in CRM and Auto Dialer technology. Imaginesales knowledgeable technical support staff is always available and ready to answer all of your questions.