Immediate Response (ImmediateResponse.com) is an unusual construction/reconstruction contractor located in Los Angeles. Entirely focused on the LA Metro area, founder Alan Terrano believes in a holistic approach to repair and restoration. People, pets, property, and possessions are all impacted when fires, wind, or water damage a home, and Immediate Reponses believes in "One Stop Service" that takes care of everything.

In tandem with A.J.T. Construction Company, Immediate Response has the experience to rapidly get families back into their homes and follows through with quality reconstruction. With local contacts and crews, Immediate Response has the experience  to rapidly navigate local building codes, permits, and regulations. 

"One stop service” also includes the experience and relationships that are required to work out the details with insurance companies to save time and insure quality.

With 30 years of experience, Immediate Response has hundreds of satisfied customers that recognize Immediate Response's dedication and quality work.

Immediate Response provides all services necessary for Fire, Water, and Storm emergencies:

1.Protection: Removing, cleaning, and storage of rugs, carpets, personal property, and other valuables.

2.Sealing: Protecting undamaged rooms and personal belongings from additional damage by sealing interior spaces.

3.Board-ups: Closing off any open or weakened exterior areas to reduce additional damage or vandalism. 

4.Fencing: Keeping intruders or animals out.

5.Salvage and documentation: Determining what can be salvaged, what should be disposed, and documenting your loss for your insurance claim.

6.Emergency Electrical and Temporary Power: Disconnecting damaged electrical lines and reestablishing power to undamaged spaces.

7.Reconstruction: After the emergency is under control, Immediate Reponses works with property owners to rebuild with special attention to quality:

Immediate Response Service Company also keeps up with the latest technologies in structure drying, mold and mildew remediation and fire restoration through memberships in professional organizations. They are members of RIA, the nation’s largest organization of service professionals, and the CF Institute, and regularly attend conferences and training seminars. The peer relationships fostered by these groups diversifies Immediate Response's knowledge base through shared experience and helps place Immediate Response Service Company at the forefront of emergency repair and restoration. 

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