ImmunoChemistry Technologies (ICT) is a privately-held biotechnology laboratory that provides research reagents and assay development services for biomedical researchers. These research tools and services help in the discovery of better, more promising medicines and treatments for cancer, degenerative diseases, and other conditions affecting both humans and animals.

ICT offers a wide array of apoptosis assays, caspase assays, blocking buffers, wash buffers and other ELISA development solutions. These reagents enable researchers to detect activated caspase enzymes and apoptosis (programmed cell death) in vitro as well as in vivo (in living animals).

ICT’s FLICA® caspase assays, ELISA blocking buffers and wash buffers are becoming industry standards. ICT also makes several proprietary reagents, including FLIVO®, an in vivo apoptosis assay used in live animals, as well as several proprietary ELISA immunoassay reagents.

The privately held company has consistently achieved double-digit growth and built a loyal and growing customer base with an international distributor network and customers in labs all over the world.

Main Products:

ICT offers fluorescent chemicals and assay development reagents for biomedical research, including:
o     Apoptosis assay kits
o     Caspase assay kits, including the proprietary products FLIVO, FLICA, FLISP, MagicRed and MitoPT
o     ELISA blocking buffers, wash buffers, and protein stabilizers
o     Fluorescent dyes, cellular stains, live/dead stains, DNA/nucleic acid stains
o     Cytotoxicity assays, mitochondrial membrane permeability assays, cathepsin detection kits, and serine protease detection kits