Impelsys' flagship product, iPublishCentral, is a one-stop digital publishing infrastructure solution that has been designed to meet the growing needs of the publishing industry with a business model that requires no significant investments. iPublishCentral empowers the publisher to control their digital strategy. It becomes:
Your Direct Selling Channel:
iPublishCentral allows you to connect directly to your end customers and build long-term relationships with the members of your target audience.
Your Mobile Strategy:
iPublishCentral empowers you with a robust Mobile strategy to offer your content seamlessly across multiple devices and in various formats.
Your Customer Data:
With iPublishCentral's rich data analytic reports, you build focused marketing strategies to delight your readers.
Hundreds of publishers have benefited from the advantages of iPublishCentral and more are adopting it to make it their eBook delivery platform.Through focused technology innovation and deep insights into the publishing process, Impelsys helps publishers create new online products and revenue streams.