Impera heritage and innovation – a new legacy in haute horlogerie

There is something slightly romantic about the first Impera luxury hybrid smartwatch collection called Spartacus. The hands are diamond cut, and in the shape of the weapons of the brave gladiators who would fight to the death under the orders of Emperors and noble patricians in the coliseums and amphitheatres of Rome. The hour and minute hands are the gladius itself – the short Roman sword, carried by its soldiers. Countless battles were fought with these swords, and the 500 years of prosperity of the Holy Roman Empire depended on them. The second hand is the elongated spear. Beautiful yet lethal. It’s a sharp arrow, pointing straight into the heart. These deadly weapons give an authority to the passing of time, and power to the one who holds it. Circling these are the coliseum steps of the rehaut leading down to the gladiatorial arena.
The Spartacus Collection consists of six different hybrid timepieces. Three different materials are showcased in the various casings: highest grade stainless steel, 18 carat yellow gold and 18 carat rose gold. It is the first luxury hybrid watch worldwide to be produced in solid gold. What also makes the Spartacus Collection unique is that it is not a simple cross between a smartwatch and a classical watch. The Impera Hybrid Timepiece includes both the Moonphase and a Progress Complication. Unlike the – already rare – Moonphase Complications in a regular watch, the Impera Hybrid Timepiece also displays alerts of text messages, phone calls, and social notifications. The Impera Spartacus Collection does not use digital screens. It does not use relentless flashing, or incessant beeping. The Impera is uncomplicated. It is powerful. It is iconic.
It is not only the functionality that makes the Impera Hybrid Timepiece extraordinary: the Impera Spartacus Collection is the only hybrid watch worldwide that also comes with a wireless charger included. The charging device was specially designed and developed in Switzerland for the Impera Timepiece – the two work together in perfect harmony. Each charge lasts for up to two years depending on the usage. Alongside the ingenious smartwatch performance, and inventive yet classic Swiss style, is the additional option of contactless payment, starting in Europe. Should you desire it, you can link your wristwatch with your bank card, and make purchases without delving for plastic.
The minds behind the Impera have strived for a long time for a timepiece that deserves its place on the wrists of those who will not compromise on style. Years of research, and of work, have gone into creating a unique hybrid movement. Even each screw was created distinctly for the Impera. Every single part is specific to the design, and they are all individually assembled by Swiss watchmakers.
The Impera Hybrid Timepiece is tailor-made, and original. Each piece was created to match the Impera vision. Excellence in everything is the most important rule.
A work of art, with smart functionality, and no compromise.