Implant Seminars was founded by Dr. Arun K. Garg. Since 1989 Dr. Garg has been teaching extensive hands-on surgical training workshops. With his textbooks on Dental Implant, Bone Harvesting and Grafting, Growth Factors for Dental Implants, being translated into eight different languages, Dr. Garg literally "wrote the book" on contemporary implant dentistry.

Dr. Garg and Implant Seminars provide quality continuing education on the subject of dental implants and related topics. A variety of programs, in various locations are provided. New programs are continuously added so please come back often to the site to see the new programs.

Though, a variety of programs are offered, several things are consistent - quality and value. All of the programs offered are provided in excellent settings, by leading clinicians, and all at incredible values.

Mission Statement

Employing an experienced team, adhering to quality education fundamentals, and implementing creative marketing, while maintaining a culture of fairness and honesty and maintaining a commitment to high standards of high standards of integrity and providing the most cutting edge continuing dental education using innovative educational techniques, with the highest standards all at reasonable tuition.

Dental Implant Seminars / Education

We are dedicated and committed to your learning, and try to offer as much hands-on as possible through out the dental implant and other various educational training programs. If you have questions or would like more information beyond that available on the website, please be sure to contact us.

We have assembled a faculty comprised of some of the most respected instructors as our goal is to provide you with information, products, and seminars that will enrich your life and improve your clinical skills. See it on the weekend and take it to the chair on Monday morning. As technology rapidly changes, it is crucial for each clinician to stay ahead of the curve. Our dental implant seminars / education offers our dentists the perfect opportunity to improve their skills in an enjoyable, non-intimidating environment.

Our commitment to excellence, our dedication to dentistry, along with the direct supervision of our expert instructors, makes your commitment to your own excellence virtually assured. Whether you're just starting out, or looking to enhance your existing skills, this series is exactly what you're looking for.