Integral Development Asset Management, more commonly known as InDevAM, has over 15 years of experience in the fields of Asset Management and, since 2013, Online Trading.

InDevAM offers a fast, reliable and user-friendly trading experience combined with a specialist Trading Expert Program designed for clients to "Learn While You Earn"

Established in 2003 in Paris, Integral Development Asset Management was founded to provide bespoke investment services and strategies to High Net Worth clients.

After the economic difficulties of the late 2000's and the subsequent boom in Interactive Online Trading, Integral Development Asset Management launched it's long awaited Online Trading Platform: InDevAM in 2013.

Designed for both Experienced and Novice Traders alike, all InDevAM Accounts are accompanied by a continuous Trading Expert Program to allow clients to trade with the peace of mind that their portfolios are being looked after by a qualified and experienced advisor.