AscendTMS (www.TheFreeTMS.com) is the worlds fastest developing Transportation Management Software (TMS) platform. It is also the worlds only 100% free, truly cloud based, patent-pending TMS system as documented by Wikipedia and contains over 300 freight management features.

AscendTMS uses "community collaboration" development methods similar to open source software development like Linux Unix, Mozilla Firefox, and the Apache web server. However, unlike open source, InMotion Global, Inc., controls the development process. This allows rapid feature development yet retains code stability.  

InMotion Global, Inc has offered TMS solutions for over 12 years. Today, their offerings meet the TMS needs of both small shippers and large international multi-billion dollar corporations. Several thousand companies in 19 countries use InMotion Global technology to manage their freight. In 2015, InMotion Global will released their 5th iteration of the TMS software, called "AscendTMS". AscendTMS is offered in 3 versions (Fleet, Broker/3PL, and Shipper). As with prior TMS versions, it comes with a totally free, no-strings-attached offering, as well as offerings for large corporations.