InTouch Health provides technology-enabled services to healthcare providers for the delivery of high-quality clinical care virtually anywhere, anytime. The InTouch Telehealth Network enables healthcare systems to deploy telehealth applications across their own enterprise, and into other care sites, such as non-affiliated hospitals, rehab centers, long-term care, clinics and homes.

InTouch Health also offers physician services to assist healthcare systems in meeting their telehealth demands, and to address physician shortages.

Technology-Enabled Services:
InTouch Health’s global cloud-based Telehealth Network supports over 130,000 annual physician encounters with connections to more than 1,250 patient access locations, growing at an annualized rate of 25% or one hospital per day.

InTouch Health is evolving its business model from an “acute care clinical services” focus to an enterprise “care-anywhere” model.

The InTouch Telehealth Network (previously called SureCONNECT) enables healthcare systems to deploy telehealth services across their own enterprise and other patient access locations while providing users:

1.     Care connections anywhere
2.     Proven reliability
3.     Clinical workflow support
4.     Healthcare compliance
5.     Business intelligence
6.     A virtual marketplace for telehealth services

InTouch Health provides a number of clinically designed FDA-cleared devices to support acute care services.

InTouch Health now offers Viewpoint, a software solution that allows consumer smart devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops to be used with the InTouch Telehealth Network.