InVinity is a unique concept in modular and custom wine racks that is bringing monumental change to the wine storage industry. The design patented wine rack systems are like no other on the market, allowing for endless possibilities when it comes to design, style and bottle capacity. The versatility of InVinity is what makes these wine display racks one-of-a-kind. With one post, up to 90 different configurations are available to showcase wine.

InVinity offers several versatile options depending on your wine storage needs, each of which gives customers limitless design choices.

First, we offer a modular wine rack, which is prepackaged and ideal for a wide range of wall mounted preferences. This is a hassle-free solution for hanging wine racks that come in various heights, styles and bottle capacities.

Second, there is an a la carte option that consists of wall mounted  and free standing styles. You can order various posts and arm brackets to suit a particular interior. Simply submit this form indicating your storage needs and we will respond with the appropriate order.

Third, InVinity provides custom wine racks that can be designed and built according to specific height, finish requirements and style combinations.

All orders automatically include the necessary joining brackets at no extra cost. For the free standing racks, this also includes adjustable floor and ceiling brackets, which allow for three finite height alterations, making the posts even more versatile.

For every InVinity system, the interchangeable posts of varying heights provide even more flexibility, making the system perfect for home, hotel and restaurant wine displays, or other hospitality venues. This means that if the design requires it, an InVinity display can be placed in the middle of a room, from floor to ceiling, or as a hanging wine rack. Furthermore, wine racks can be reassembled into a different style at any time without having to order a new system.

InVinity units are shipped to the client and assembly is straightforward and simple, eliminating high installation fees. Self-assembly allows the client to customize the installation as per their own design scheme. The distinctive flexibility of use and design make InVinity metal wine racks truly one-of-a-kind products.

In addition to our innovative wine storage racks, InVinity also offers wine drawers, which are tailor-made for private wine lockers perfect for luxury residential buildings and private clubs.